Legal Status:

Registration No. 4749/IV-338
Dated: August'97.
Under FCRA act

Income Tax:

Pan AAATK4579Q,
12 A No. 12A/2004-05/6805-07
Dated 23. 12. 04,
80 G No. 80G/2004-05/6808-10
Dated 23.12.04

Koshish (About Us):


Koshish, founded by young and devoted social activists was registered as a charitable trust on 4th August 1997. It works for social, political and economic empowerment of poor people, protection of Human Rights, gender issues, Right to Food, grassroots justice delivery system and environment conservation.

Founders have been active in social and economic transformation of the society since their student days. They have participated in students’ movement for the rights of students, and better education environment. After youth movement they joined movements for social, political and economic changes at provincial level. In the course of the movement, they gathered vast experiences and ideas which converged into the shape of an organization named ‘Koshish’, i.e. ‘efforts for change’


KOSHISH is an organization of devoted youth activists committed to struggle for equality, peace and justice


To establish a progressive, peaceful, democratic, just and environment friendly society based on the values of equality and fraternity.


  • Endeavoring for equal opportunities to all, equality, justice and fraternity
  • Committed to overall development of the society and individuals from grassroots level.
  • Protection and promotion of Human Rights and humanitarian assistance
  • Facilitating protection of Fundamental Rights and striving for implementation Socio-Economic Rights based schemes.
  • Striving for sustainable development with stress on equal development of agriculture and industries,
  • Striving for conservation of environment and bio-diversity and mitigating climate change effect

Our Core Value:


  • Love and respect
  • Trusteeship
  • Observation


  • Ambition
  • Devotion
  • Zeal


  • Integrity
  • Commitment / Solidarity
  • Transparency & accountability