Legal Status:

Registration No. 4749/IV-338
Dated: August'97.
Under FCRA act

Income Tax:

Pan AAATK4579Q,
12 A No. 12A/2004-05/6805-07
Dated 23. 12. 04,
80 G No. 80G/2004-05/6808-10
Dated 23.12.04

Help us for Self-reliance

Help us for Self-reliance and Social concern fund:

  • You donate in Cash, Check and draft or purchase KOSHISH hand made Card (New Year Card, Invitation, Visiting, and other card), Books, and Bags.
  • You sale Old Books, Magazine, newspaper etc and amount donate for Rural Library
  • For Adoption and sponsor to children: Food, Clothing, Education (School fee, books etc.
  • Scholarship: Technical education for Youth.

Model village:

  • Library, information and activity centre - Different types of books, newspaper, almirah, Sitting facility, Display board, Television or computer, training,
  • Hand pump for Drinking water.
  • Sanitation
  • Education, refresher class, training centre
  • Health check up
  • Different type of training
  • Economic activity
  • Linkage with govt. and other Development Programme.

Sponsor for self-reliance to poor people:

  • Small support to petty business for needy people
  • Sponsor for Social concern