Legal Status:

Registration No. 4749/IV-338
Dated: August'97.
Under FCRA act

Income Tax:

Pan AAATK4579Q,
12 A No. 12A/2004-05/6805-07
Dated 23. 12. 04,
80 G No. 80G/2004-05/6808-10
Dated 23.12.04


Study and Research:

Study and research is conducted for collecting evidence, advocacy, political agenda, assessment and future planning.

Training and workshop

Training and workshop is organized to make stakeholders understand constitutional rights, national, international law, local self-governance system, decentralize planning, socio-economic right based schemes & other welfare measures, expose myth & false believes, sensitized on caste, gender, class, religion.


Campaign is organized to make people aware Human Rights, Women & children rights, local self-governance & local justice system, peace and communal harmony, conservation of environment, wild life and water bodies.


Networking is established with NGOs, I-NGOs, grassroots organization, national, international campaign, activist, intellectuals, social workers, academic institutions, research institutions, government departments and other likeminded people.

Publications and IEC materials:

Publications and IEC materials are prepared on human rights, different laws, socio-economic rights related schemes, community monitoring, local selfgovernance, grassroots level justice delivery system, social audit etc.