Legal Status:

Registration No. 4749/IV-338
Dated: August'97.
Under FCRA act

Income Tax:

Pan AAATK4579Q,
12 A No. 12A/2004-05/6805-07
Dated 23. 12. 04,
80 G No. 80G/2004-05/6808-10
Dated 23.12.04

Human Rights, Communal Amity

Legal literacy & Peace Human Rights
(Campaigns of Manawdhikar Muhim):

  • Through our Soohna Mitra (Rural Communicator Cadre).
  • Training on HR Protection, Legal Literacy,
  • Training Program organise between Student, Youth & Human Rights Defenders.
  • Meeting / Seminar at different level
  • Investigation of Cases
  • Support to cases
  • Film Show, Poster and Folder distribution
  • Campaign on D K Basu Judgment about
  • Networking
  • Citizens forum for Communal amity- Insani Ekta Muhim
  • Different type of Programme related Right to Food
  • We organise Three workshop for four district and one workshop at Jamshedpur

KOSHISH, Patna, Marg, New Delhi and National Human Right Commission has jointly started for Human Right and Legal Literacy. In this 4 district have been chosen, Patna, Gaya, Bhojpur and Vaishali. We had made plan for 3 workshops in the month of February 2006 for selected 30 people. In the 3 workshop only chosen people are allowed.

After the information about program several NGOs wanted to participate. According to the limitation we allowed some people to come. IN the first workshop 1-3 October 2005, 55 people participated. In the future 57 people will give their participation. After this some work plan can be made. Second workshop 21, 22 January 2006 and third workshop 28/31/06 was organized in Bodh Gaya and Vaishali. Inauguration of first workshop was done by Justice Aftab Alam of Patna High Court. Work of training was given to Seema Misra, Zeenat Mallik and Abha Singhal, New Delhi, and Arun Kumar, journalist, Sri Bhupender Kumar Senior lawyer were also present.Anup Kumar lawyer Patna High Court was the coordinator.

Young workers of Charaka project were given law training in Kishangang. The organisation was done by Charaka and Marg and UNICEF supported them. On the third day training was also given to officials also. In this consultancy was done by Koshish. A workshop was organized in Jamsedpur on 24-26 March and 70 people participated in it . In the way ahead we are planning to do workshops in Bokaro and Dhanbad.

Training for Human Rights Protection

  • Right to life and personal liberty.
  • Right against discrimination.
  • Universal declaration to Human rights.
  • Human rights in Indian context.
  • Dalit Rights & Minorities Rights.
  • Women & Child Rights.
  • Democratic Rights.
  • Indian Constitution- fundamental rights
  • Police Law
  • Right to information
  • Labour Law